It Wasn’t the Hacking, Folks!

All this hullabaloo about the Russians hacking the DNC for the purpose of influencing the election is simply not true. I have no doubt the Russians have been actively involved in hacking US systems, both governmental and industrial, for many years. We’ve been actively hacking them as well. As long as there are computerized systems, there will be hacking attempts. It’s a fact of life in the digital age.  It is the modus operandi of the liberals to create a strawman argument, then shout it long and loud, until people actually believe the lies as if they are fact. That is true of their accusations of racism, and all the “-phobics” and “-ogenies” they have spewed against conservatives and their leaders. It is true of the intent of the Russian hacking.

The DNC information (emails) provided to Wikileaks was provided by a disgruntled insider from within the DNC, itself. The reason the liberal media is pushing the Russian conspiracy theory, is that they, the media, should have been investigating the DNC goings on, and they, the media, should have been the ones to expose the corruption. The media exists as a representative of the people to provide overwatch on those people and agencies who run our government – to protect us from possible corruption by exposing it whenever and wherever it happens. (Read Patrick Henry’s writings.)  The media does NOT exist to participate in the cover-up of that corruption. It does NOT exist to create and communicate propaganda. But that is precisely what our main stream media has been doing for years.

If the MSM had been doing its job, Wikileaks would have nothing to expose, and indeed, would not even exist. I’m not saying that Wikileaks is righteous in what they have done, as they have overstepped the bounds of national security on more than one occasion. However, in regards to the DNC email scandal, Wikileaks merely provided what our MSM should have provided on their own. That disgruntled DNC worker knew he could not go to the MSM with the emails, because the media are part of the problem. He had to go to Wikileaks in order to be heard and taken seriously. THAT, folks, is the problem that NO ONE is addressing.

This has hurt the MSM as measured by a steady decline in viewership, and it has been going on for more than 4 years.  A little research into the viewership numbers shows Fox boasting a viewership 3 1/2 times that of CNN, and 2 1/2 times that of MSNBC.  The lowest rated primetime show on Fox was significantly higher than the highest rated prime time show on CNN for 2016.  Every single show on Fox outperformed their competition at CNN and MSNBC. Americans are clearly aware of the media bias from the MSM, and we are sick and tired of it.

MAJOR UPDATE!!! Be sure your sins will find you out!  The latest egregious leak of CIA secrets to Wikileaks has within its contents evidence that our own CIA was doing the hacking, and trying to make it look like the Russians were doing it! How politicized and corrupt are our intelligence agencies? This truly is George Orwell’s 1984 world. The swamp is much more pervasive and contaminated than we could have ever imagined.

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