Made In The Image Of God

When God made all the animals, and the plants and planets too
He was pleased with his creation, but He wasn’t completely through,
For there was one more creature of which He did envisage,
And He said to Son and Spirit, let’s make man in our own image.

Thus He created Adam and breathed in him the breath of life,
And later took a rib from which he fashioned Eve, his wife.
He placed them in the Garden to walk upon that Eden sod,
The pinnacle of creation, man was made in the image of God.

The rest, they say, is history, as the first man fell from grace,
But the image of the creator still resides upon man’s face.
No matter how rebellious and far from God a man may roam,
The image of the Father is always calling man back home.

For each of us has value in the source from which we came,
As we carry in our beings the very essence of God’s name.
Although many may deny it, it doesn’t change the fact that they
Were made in God’s own image, His very likeness they display.

When you consider all the evil in the things you see men do,
Just remember we all have fallen, and we’ve all done evil too.
God’s image is still inside them, even when they misbehave.
And that image gives us hope that every person can be saved.