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It could get exciting soon…

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

As a student of Biblical prophesy, I have been keeping up with the news as it relates to prophetic passages in the Bible. Next month is the 70th anniversary of Israel becoming a nation after 2000 years of being abolished. That number is not insignificant. It is a number used for completion of a waiting period. Several things are being put in place that line up extremely well with passages in Daniel, Isaiah, Micah, and other prophesy books.

Of particular interest to me are: activities of the Temple Mount Committee; Trump and his Mid-East peace plans; and the rise of Erdogan in Turkey as the supreme ruler openly re-establishing the Islamic Caliphate with vocal intent to dominate the entire world.

The Temple Mount committee is planning a huge celebration on the Temple Mount. Trump is planning to formally open the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, as well as an anticipated announcement of a Mid-East peace plan between Israel and Saudi Arabia. So how does this align with Bible prophesy? Conditions must be first put in place before the battles described in the Bible can commence.

First, something must happen to enrage the Shia muslims to attack the Sunni muslims. (Iran attacking Saudi Arabia). The U.S. declaring Jerusalem to be Israel’s proper capital, along with a peace treaty with Israel would do exactly that. ┬áSecond, and this is a few years in the future, the Antichrist will not be revealed until the Jews are once again sacrificing in the Temple – he will enter the Holy of Holies and declare himself to be god, putting an end to the daily sacrifices. The Jews are on the brink of rebuilding the Temple.

Keep an eye on Jerusalem in the coming weeks.