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Mideast Update

Monday, October 7th, 2019

Things are moving rapidly toward the next big event in Biblical prophesy. Daniel’s vision of the goat vs. ram wars is nearly upon us. In layman terms, this means that Iran will be provoked into attacking the Muslim countries to its west, north, and south. It will do so initially with great success. This act of war will throw the world into an economic upheaval never before seen.

Two things have happened in the past few days that lead directly to this prophesy. First, Iran conducted drone attacks on a Saudi oil refinery, knocking out 6% of the world’s daily oil production in one attack. Secondly, President Trump stated that the middle eastern nations, Europe, and Russia, will have to “work out” the middle eastern issues, suggesting strongly, that the U.S. may no longer play the role of the world’s police.

I would look for Turkey to take this declaration as the removal of the restraints, and that they will finally attack the Kurds – something Erdogan has been wanting to do for some time. Iran has also issued grave warnings about Turkey taking this action. This is likely the provocation for the goat attacking the ram.