The Cup

There is a cup within us,
deep inside our soul.
A God-shaped hole inside us;
when it’s filled it makes us whole.

We fill it with the Scriptures,
it only holds God’s Word.
And only we can fill it
When the Bible’s read or heard.

Our Lord gave us the Spirit
As our Comforter and Guide
In prayer we often hear it
When He prompts us from inside.

When we face life’s situations
And we’re searching for God’s will
His source for revelations
Is our cup and how it’s filled.

When our cup has little in it
He may not help us to recall
What the Bible says about it
So we stumble and we fall.

But when we read the Bible
we fill our cup up to the brim.
When we’re longing for revival,
The Spirit brings us close to Him.

So in working with God’s Spirit
and to overcome your strife,
Get your Bible – read and hear it
and He will grant abundant life!