Christian Limericks

Three men were thrown in the fire
They dared to arouse the king’s ire
Refused to bow down
To the wicked king’s crown
But they didn’t even perspire!
Young Daniel was thrown in a den
Of lions who loved to eat men
For he’d rather die
Than be forced to deny
The Lord who saves men from sin.
The disciples expected a King
To come and rule everything
A lamb came instead
Who suffered and bled
And who’s now a life-giving spring!
The Lord held a small convention
And got the disciples’ attention
From the mountain top fair
He arose in the air
They were awestruck at His ascension!
Some seeds were scattered around
On rocky and thorn-covered ground
But the seed that does best
And can pass every test
Is that which can grow and abound.
I will love the Lord all my days
My prayers and worship I raise
Through trials and pain
Through losses and gains,
To Christ I’ll forever sing praise!
Some folks say miracles can’t be
They simply deny Deity
In doing so miss
The spiritual bliss
Of heaven’s eternity.
Looking back through history
It’s not a big mystery
How man got here
The Bible’s clear:
God tells us in His Story.
There once was a Prodigal lad
Who had run away from his dad.
But when he returned,
He found love unearned.
And for that he’s eternally glad!
If you don’t start your thinking with God,
Your thinking is bound to be flawed,
The Bible says you’ll
End up as a fool
Just believe Him and you will be awed!
The disciples were hiding in fear
Their hopes had disappeared
The Spirit descended,
Their fears were ended,
So they boldly persevered!
Zacchaeus was too small to see
So he bravely climbed up the tree
The Lord said to him,
“Come down here my friend,
I’d like to have dinner with thee.”
The disciples were fishing all night
Not a single fish was in sight
And then their nets tore,
When He said from the shore:
“Cast your nets once more to the right!”
As we celebrate our dear Savior’s birth
‘Tis a time for sharing and mirth
We know he’s the reason
For this Christmas season
And well-wishes for Peace on Earth.