Life Without Easter

Have you ever paused to wonder or give a moment’s thought
What our lives would be like without the gift that Easter brought?
For in Jesus’ resurrection our whole eternity is held,
If from death Christ was not raised, then all human hope is quelled.

Without that blessèd Easter morning, there is no hope indeed,
We remain in our trespasses if from death we’re never freed.
If the stone had not been moved, He would still be in the grave.
If He could not raise himself, you and I He could not save.

Without the message of the angels saying “Look! He is not here!”
Then our lives would be vain years filled with greed and pride and fear.
What a miserable existence for us to know there’s nothing more
Than to struggle through each day; no hope of life forevermore.

But the glorious resurrection of our Savior on that morn
Is the power and the promise that Jesus truly is firstborn
Of all of us who follow after, being raised to life anew
With knowledge of His great forgiveness; knowing that His Word is true!

As you celebrate this Easter, and you worship Christ that day
Please never treat it lightly, understand the price He paid.
How He sacrificed His own life for our sins to be atoned,
Then He rose again! Our One True Friend! We’ll see Him on His throne!

By Frank Knight