Millions of Years?

How old is the Earth?  The answer to that question reveals just how truly you believe the Bible.  The Bible makes it very clear that God places the creation week right at 4,000 years before Christ. If you believe what the scientists tell us, then you’ve got a real problem with the authority of God’s own word. You have taken man’s faulty information from outside of God’s Word, and reinterpreted the plain teaching of Genesis.

Millions of Years?

One day our Lord’s disciples argued who’d be greatest in heaven
And in response, Jesus spoke to them, and gave another lesson.
He presented to them a little child, and calmly said in love,
“If your faith is not like this child’s, you won’t see the kingdom above.”

Now think about a little one being read the creation story:
Was it six days, or six eons God took to reveal his glory?
With a child-like faith, a day is a day, God told us straight and clear!
Not what faulty scientists say, that it took millions of years.

If you’re a Christian, you believe each Word of Scripture is true,
But if you believe the scientists, then your faith has been confused.
The whole idea of millions of years that it took to make this sod,
Is just a big attempt to explain how we got here without God!

To find a way for godless nature to make all that we can see,
You must have time and lots of it, or else it just couldn’t be!
No, without God to make it so, and to explain how life advanced,
Not only do you need lots of time, you also need lots more chance.

So think about this long and hard, if what they say was fact,
Then death and disease was before man, not due to a sinful act!
If man’s not at fault for the curse of death, then wherein lies the blame?
Thus “millions of years” has completely removed the reason why Jesus came!