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Another update on Flash boy

Monday, August 30th, 2010

It seems the second ACL operation has been just as successful as the first. Although the Flasher is not yet jumping up on furniture, he has occasionally put his front feet up on my knees. He is also starting to play again with Sammie, chasing after toys – and running down the hill to bark at that which exists only in a doggie mind. He still loves to be right at our feet, and readily follows whomever is moving. He simply does not want to miss a thing. Gotta love that Flash Boy!


Flash is a Chick Magnet!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Flash went in yesterday for his fourth and final laser treatment.  Debbie took him to the veterinary office yesterday, and Flash had 4 female technicians around him, just admiring him and doling over him.  With this ACL repair operation, we were advised by the vet that it is “normal” for a dog to walk on 3 legs for about a week, then spend another week touching the ground with the affected leg, then finally – after about 2 weeks putting weight on it. It is expected the dog will be walking normally in about 6 weeks.  That is what we were told to expect.

Well, Flash has his own ideas about ACL recovery.  With his first operation, he was putting weight on the affected leg within 48 hours, and was walking normally within a week. With this second operation, he’s taking it a bit slower. He is gradually using the leg more each day, but still carries it high when he’s moving a bit quicker.  I guess that’s what I have noticed so far.  If he is just walking slowly, he will use the affected leg. If he wants to move more quickly, he will raise it up, and run 3-legged style.  Unless Sammie is barking at something… then its: “Forget the pain – I’m going all out to get there!” and he runs like he never had the operation.  He’s only done that once, as he got out of the house before we got the leash on him.  We are more careful now.


I Don’t Think So!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I was talking to a friend about our church situation (see my post of 30 July), complaining to him that our pastor’s only goal is to bring people in to the church, but that he then refuses to instruct them in Christian education and spiritual disciplines. My friend said, “Oh come on Frank, that’s just the Southern Baptist way!”  He was emphatic and insistent on this point, acting as if I should have known this all along.

When I listen to the likes of Adrian Rogers, Voddie Baucham, Dr. Criswell and others – I don’t think these men would agree with my friend. What I believe is that the Southern Baptist process of giving a man a pulpit just because he says he’s been called to preach – floods our churches with spiritually immature loudmouths who are incapable of feeding their congregations the meat of the Word.

It may be time for me to find another demonization – I mean denomination, that holds to the unerring truth of Scripture from the very first verse; that teaches discipleship and spiritual discipline; that holds to a formal confession of faith; and that follows the New Testament instruction of believers.

I think it would surprise most of the Southern Baptist preachers I’ve known, to find out that almost the entirety of the New Testament is written to instruct BELIEVERS in godly living.  These preachers speak as if their only audience is UNBELIEVERS!  What is wrong with this picture?  Sorry for the rant.  I’ll update y’all on Flash tomorrow.


2nd Surgery is past

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Today, Flash had his left ACL repaired (actually, more like replaced). He came through it just fine. Well, he’s still pretty groggy and doped up on doggie pain killers.  But the good Doctor Beene says he’ll be back to normal pretty soon.  We’ll go through a couple of weeks of carrying him outside to do his chores, keeping him in his kennel the rest of the time.  If his first operation and recovery is any indication, I expect him to be walking well by next weekend, running by the end of the month, and jumping by sometime in October.


Another Flash Update

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Well, the Flash has recovered very well from the ACL surgery on his right leg. We’ve had to postpone his second surgery due to a bout with the doggie runs. I believe we’ve got that cleared up now, so he’ll be going back on Friday to have his left ACL repaired.  If his recent behavior is any indication, he’ll be jumping over the fence in a few months. Yes, he’s been so excited a couple of times he has actually jumped, and he’s beginning to jump up in our laps when we sit in  a chair.

Meanwhile, Sammie has come back to life since Flash has been laid up. She perceives that she is now the Alpha dog, running and playing while Flash just lays around and watches. If he recovers from his second surgery as well as he did for the first one, he will be running and jumping by Thanksgiving.

We’ll update soon after the surgery!