A Breath of Air

I wrote this upon the 20th anniversary of our first date. My wife is the only girl I ever dated, a true high school sweetheart!


A breath of air one winter’s eve,
Brisk and fresh, but to relieve
The youthful longings of my heart,
And lifelong friendships to impart.

The last day of the month, it was
When I first tasted life’s true love.
So sweet and pure, with auburn hair,
Your eyes aglow, your skin so fair.

I can remember our very first date,
I never had stayed out so late.
We dreamed together, hand in hand,
Of life forever, Oh, so grand!

We learned to care and then to trust,
We learned to share, but not to lust,
For in my heart, this love of mine
Was not of me, it was Divine.

And through the years, much wiser now,
We reflect upon those early vows.
To honor, cherish, and obey;
A promise of faithfulness, come what may.

The Good Lord blesses love like this,
So simple and pure, like heaven’s bliss.
Two decades now have taken their leave,
Since that breath of air one winter’s eve.