Rule 5: Be Tough, But Fair


Cowboying was a tough business in a rugged, harsh land.
Cowboys were rugged too, tough as nails, real good hands.
They never look for trouble, if it comes they don’t back down.
They kept the Code of the West, on the range, or back in town.

Life was hard and threats were real, not easy to stay alive
The Golden Rule was part of the code that helped them to survive.
To treat each other fairly went much further than your friends
On simple hospitality another’s life would often depend.

They shared their food and shared their roof with those just passing through
And didn’t ask for recompense, just that they’d share things too.
We think “to pay it forward” is a new enlightened way,
The old time cowpokes know that’s how they did it in their day.

A deal’s a deal. Your word’s your bond. A handshake’s good as gold.
To treat each other fairly’s how the old-time cowhands rolled.
The cowboy code epitomized living the Golden Rule
T’was much more serious business than it sounds in Sunday School.

Put the Cowboy Code in practice in your daily business deals,
When you’re treating others right, you’ll see how good it feels.
So don’t back down from challenges, or sit and pull your hair.
When you’re dealing with each other, you can both be tough, but fair.