A Bear Story

A Bear Story

I’d like to tell you a story
How a once downtrodden school
By reversing their fate, has now become great
For football in Texas, they rule!

The Bears have a colorful history
The Baylor Line is long and proud
But when football is down, so’s the whole town
It was hard to muster a crowd.

When the Big 12 was looking to split
And Baylor was out – looking in,
Here came Art Briles, and RG3’s smiles
And they suddenly started to win!

Each year the team would improve
With Griffin and Florence and Petty
Setting records galore like never before
Then came fireworks and lots of confetti!

They never looked back to the past
but scored at a point per minute,
At a mind-boggling pace, defenders gave chase
But these Bears were in it to win it!

The title had never been theirs
Till in ’13 the Boys of Renown
With fury and beauty, beat OU and UT,
And claimed that Big 12 crown!

But the Case was on its last legs.
And far from campus removed.
Great plans were set forth, on Brazos’ bank north,
The Home of the Bears has improved!

The stadium is truly a jewel
With many thanks to Mr. McLane
We say ‘Bears Sic ‘Em’ about their next victim
Long may the Baylor Bears reign!