The Ride Goes On and On

For Jerre Lucas:

The Ride Goes On

We love to reflect on the days gone by
of the times and places we’ve spanned.
And we cherish the tears of joy in our eye
looking back when we Rode for the Brand.

We fondly remember the friendships we made,
the laughter and tears we’ve all shared.
The springtime beauty of an East Texas glade;
all those scrumptious meals friends prepared.

I can only imagine the joy you knew
as you gazed into each friends face,
and received a thousand heartfelt thank-you’s
as each new Grand Rep learned their place.

The Ride was long, sometimes it was rough,
and the trails went far and wide.
Riding through valleys to the top of the bluff
with all your friends alongside.

The reins have been passed to a new trail boss,
and now you can just “recommend”.
Though you’re no longer riding the lead hoss,
You’re still riding –  the Ride never ends.

That’s the beautiful thing ‘bout this journey, you see
It’s a lifelong marathon.
Our joy never ends, it’s abundant and free,
For the Ride goes on and on.