DUH Limericks

DUH stands for Downunder Horsemanship, Clinton Anderson’s horse training program. Members have access to a large online forum. I started a limerick thread on the forum. Here are my contributions.

There once was a Method Downunder
Devised by an Aussie boy wonder
He showed his maturity
Won the Cowhorse Futurity
His critics were thus put asunder.

I once had a pushy old roan
Who fancied himself on a throne
Showed what I expect –
He lunged for respect
And now our friendship has grown.
The Olympics are shown on TV
They’re not showing what I want to see
Talk about frustration!
There’s nothing Equestrian!
And that really irritates me!
Some friends of mine, John and Ranae,
felt they had something to say
so now at long last
they’ve made a podcast
to show folks the Downunder way
I’m lovin’ the No Worries Forum,
It just takes a few for a quorum,
and the friendly advice
Is always so nice,
In a pleasant forum decorum.
I’m trying to write limericks
about training horses with strings and sticks,
But I don’t think my time
is better spent making rhyme
Than in teaching my horse some new tricks!