Rule 9: Remember That Some Things Are Not For Sale


Life wasn’t easy on the big cattle drives,
Cowboys fought hard for to keep cows alive,
Five hundred miles just to ship ‘em back East
Making their living on the back of a beast. 

Life may have been rough, but also was grand
Riding through majestic, glorious land.
But as railroads gouged their way ‘cross the plains,
Cowboys were stifled by fences and trains.

Life changed and their decisions were hard;
To change with the times, or to stand your guard.
There wasn’t much money in rodeos,
Or downright humiliating Wild West Shows.

A man’s honor could only take so much.
Many worked ranches and stockyards and such.
They knew the best things in life are not things.
There was more to a job than what money brings.

There’s dignity, honor, freedom, and pride.
Things they’d feel whenever they’d ride.
When pressures or compromise cross your trail,
Remember that some things are not for sale.