When You Are All You Have

Pastor Tim (Faith Lutheran Church) gave a sermon discussing the need for Christ in our lives. He contrasted the hopelessness of living without a savior to the abundant life of having the compassion and forgiveness of Jesus. This poem takes that thought and puts it to verse.

When You Are All You Have

You really see how little you’ve got, when you are all you have.
If in this life it’s only you, then that’s extremely sad.
Without the Lord to save your soul, you just return to dust.
To give life meaning, hope and joy, our Savior is a must.

There are those who tell us plain, we’re cosmic accidents.
To say we got here just by chance does not pass common sense.
The fact that Jesus came to die in payment for our guilt
Is proof enough that God made us; on Him our hope is built.

But without God, there is no hope, there’s no eternal life.
We eat and breathe and live and die in anguish and in strife.
When you are all you have, you see, why bother to go on?
Believe in Jesus, Son of God, and you’ll be heaven-drawn.

With Him our lives have meaning, a purpose and a goal.
He takes our broken sinful lives; makes them completely whole.
His compassion and forgiveness are like a healing salve.
But without Christ, it’s only you; then you are all you have.