One is an Interesting Number

One is an interesting number when looked at biblically
Its properties we learn in math, how it’s used statistically.
In addition we know it adds just one, each and every time
When ten is multiplied by one, you still have just a dime.

In our physical world, one added to one will always make a two,
But God, when dealing spiritually, made one’s properties all new.
We see it in the Scriptures, Jesus said “I and the Father are one”.
It’s counter to our logic: “one” equals the Father plus the Son.

Again, we learn quite clearly when God speaks of husband and wife
When married, “The two become one flesh”; how closely they share one life.
This principle is repeated in describing our life in Christ.
“I am the vine, you are the branches” into one vine we have been spliced.

I find it over and over again, God’s math is always true:
Our Lord said, “you abide in me, and I abide in you.”
Yes, one is an interesting number, no matter how it’s spun,
In God’s math we learn a new formula: One plus One is One!