When Rights are not Right

Lord, how it must grieve you sorely to put up with sinful man
As we throw you out of our lives, and Christians won’t take a stand.
Our society accepts as normal – things that just shouldn’t be
Like abuses of our freedom, abortion, and homosexuality.

 It’s common to bash the Bible as a collection of fairy tales
If you believe in Creation, your reputation could be impaled.
Take the giving away of secrets that protect our nation’s might
Then to call it freedom of speech, in no way makes it right.

The acceptance of abortion, killing millions yet unborn,
Because our courts say “that’s okay”, should make our nation mourn.
Man’s law is not God’s law, though they both should be the same.
Killing in cold blood is murder; and to allow it, we’re all to blame.

God has clearly told us, of what He sees as sin
What we simply call “gay”, God calls an abomination.
And when the Christian says that, we’re homophobic and wrong
We can lose our job or go to jail, so it’s easiest to play along.

What we consider as a “Right”, God would clearly condemn.
When “Rights” violate the Law of God, it can only be called a sin.
The Final Judgement’s coming, God’s warned us well enough.
If you’re ashamed of the Gospel, the going will be rough.