This is one of my earliest poems, circa 1989. The quality of grammar and meter is lacking, but the message is a good message. Hope you enjoy it.


Being sure of what we hope for,
And certain, what we can’t see,
It’s the basis of salvation:
In Christ Jesus we believe.

There are many, many things
That faith can bring about,
It makes my heart to sing,
And His message I will shout.

Faith has brought folks healing
And answers to their prayers.
From time they spent kneeling
In faith throughout the years.

Through faith, we’re justified:
Made innocent in God’s eyes.
We’re also sanctified:
Made holy, noble, and wise.

We can overcome situations
That are impossible to man,
If by faith we’ll act and trust
In God’s victorious plan.

The promise of the Spirit
Through Faith we can embrace.
And through God’s word we hear it:
The message of His grace.

Yes, faith is all-important
To God’s children, of great worth.
On it we are dependent
For victorious life on Earth.