Be Ready for the Ride

This is the true and accurate story of what happened the day I got bucked off Cochise, our neighbor’s horse.

Be Ready for the Ride

He was a beautiful horse, his markings were grand,
his spirit was sweet, but impatient to stand.
The problem with this steed, at least so they said
was that he liked to buck, and leave you for dead.

What was I thinking when I opened my mouth?
I said I’d take him – common sense headed south.
I figured I’d work him awhile nice ‘n slow,
build trust and confidence, help him to grow.

We worked several times o’er the next couple weeks
using leg cues, turning, and other techniques.
He had been just perfect, doing everything I said,
and never, not once did he leave me for dead.

Until that day after a twenty minute ride,
in just a few seconds, I thought I had died.
We had gone down the hill, and through the old gate
that entered the field, t’was getting kinda late.

I got off to open the gate from the ground.
I knew he’d be spooked by loud banging sounds.
But when I got on him, this son of a gun
had his own ideas – he thought he was done.

My stirrup was turned, I reached down with my hand,
and that’s when he did it – the rodeo began!
With my head by my knees was not the best way
to stay in the saddle or end this soiree.

He hunched and he bucked three times in a row.
Then he pitched and he turned, a’trying to throw
me off as he twisted around in the air.
All four feet off the ground – let the buyer beware!

I figured that I could slide off to the side,
without too much trouble I could end this wild ride.
Timing was crucial, I just had to leave
while up in the air at the top of his heave.

I was set to depart with no more delay
when this monster beneath me spun the wrong way.
The horn caught my leg, flipped my butt toward the sky.
T’was then I kissed hopes of my safety good-bye!

His antics had brought us up close to the fence,
where the ground was all rocky. That’s where he dispensed
me – falling head first, and all I could see
was a big pile of rocks a’rushing at me.

So I stuck out my hand just trying to avoid
a direct hit on those stones and not get destroyed.
My first goal was met, my head was intact,
but my left arm was not, from the awful impact.

I don’t bounce like I did, back when I was young.
My elbow was shot, my wrist was bad sprung.
The moral to my story herewith is applied:
If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride!