The Army Wrote Me a Letter

Sung to the tune “My baby wrote me a letter” by the Boxtops.

After every major conflict, the Army goes through a cycle of downsizing. This was written during the major downsizing after the first Gulf War.


Give me a reference and a resume,
Gotta start lookin’ for a job today.
Marchin’ days are gone, I’m a’movin’ on,
The Army wrote me a letter.

Well, they wrote me a letter,
Said I couldn’t stay in the Army no more.
Listen to me Colonel, I just gotta stay in for another four, please…

I got all my tickets punched along the line,
We pushed the Iraqis back in record time.
They told us welcome home — Now you’re on your own!
The Army wrote me a letter.

(Repeat Chorus and last verse)