The Fire Ant Dance

When you’re working outside perhaps mowing the lawn,
you’re hot and tired – been working since dawn,
So you think about resting, the job’s nearly complete,
and you’re not really watching where you put your feet.

A horrible plague is about to ascend,
One that will ruin your perfect weekend.
As they silently climb where the tender meat lies
Up your legs, past the knees, to your upper thighs.

Completely oblivious, what these threats impose,
Unaware tiny creatures have invaded your clothes.
And then, just as silently as they climb,
They attack and bite all at the same time!

Oh the pain they inflict as you jump in the air
You scream and you yell, then you cuss and you swear.
You lose all awareness of where you are at,
and you realize you are locked in mortal combat!

You yank at your belt, as you kick off your shoes,
And then strip off your jeans, not caring who views.
You slap and you swat, you run and you prance,
But there’s just no joy doing the Fire Ant Dance!