All We Need

2 Peter 1


In the Second Letter of Peter read
about our calling by the Lord.
He’s given us everything we need
If we’ll but live His holy Word.

The first is faith, in Christ believe
and then Salvation you’ll receive.
But faith without good works is dead
So share God’s Goodness with others instead.
Grow in knowledge day by day
by studying Scripture along the way.

To Knowledge add new Self-Control
So you won’t slip back into sin.
With Perseverance on patrol,
The tempter finds it hard to win.

You’re well on the way to Godliness
When you display Brotherly Kindness.
For Brotherly Kindness, like a glove,
Fits everyone, and spreads His Love.
And with His Love, so full and sweet,
Your Christian walk is now complete.

Add each of these in increasing measure
and in heaven above you’ll find your treasure.
All we need we have from our Lord
If we’ll but live His holy Word.