The SFT Poem

The Smooth Fox Terrier

There’s nothing more merrier
Than a Smooth Fox Terrier:
Those dogs with the long pointy nose!
They’re an uncommon breed
Packed with love, laughs and speed.
They’re a favorite at all the dog shows!

Though they’re not often seen,
you can tell where they’ve been,
by the ubiquitous presence of hair.
Those little white strands
Appear all across the land
As their owners travel here and there!

My pups are “with me” on planes
and buses and trains
As their hair seems to cling to my clothes.
And though they’re at home
Wherever I roam,
It’s there that my dogs’ hair goes!

On a Caribbean isle,
I look down and smile
As a dog hair falls off my shorts.
Thousands miles from my house
I see on my blouse
Dog hairs in foreign airports!

When I’m dressed to the nines
In the latest designs
I still sport those little white hairs.
In church or the mall,
Or a park, or a hall
I’m leaving those hairs everywhere!

So be not dismayed
when you see hair inlaid
In your finest evening clothes.
It’s a reminder that you
have a friend tried and true:
The one with the long pointy nose!