Rule 4: Do What Must Be Done


There will always be the bad guys
Try to take what isn’t theirs
But every cowpoke who is wise
On the side of right stands square.

The truest test of honor
Is to see how much you’ll risk
Just to keep that honor yours
And to not be called remiss.

Whenever there is trouble,
we’ll depend upon ourselves
Our willpower we’ll redouble
And the depths of honor delve.

When wrong and right go at it
And your feet are in the fire
Is your reaction automatic
When the situation’s dire?

When the odds are ten to one
Will you stand up for the right?
Will you do what must be done?
Will you take a stand and fight?

The Cowboy Code is clear
When it comes to times like these
There ain’t no room for fear.
It’s these moments that we seize!