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Boogie Back to Texas!

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Debbie and Jennifer are on their way back home – (aka “Right Under the X in TEXAS”). They may wish they had extended their peregrination in and around Hawaii. (okay, if you have to look it up, it means “journey, jaunt, expedition” – actually, a derivative of this word is quite common: Peregrine Falcon). It had already been 5 days of triple-digit heat in a row before they left for the milder tropical clime.  The aforementioned heat has not relented whilst they’ve been away. And last night, our friendly central Texas weatherman, Andy Anderson, predicted another 10-12 straight days before we might dip back to a chilly 99°. That would make, by my calculations, 26 straight 100°+ days without a drop of rain, or even decent clouds, for that matter. By the way, we also set a record with 15 days over 100° during the month of June.  I wonder what it was like leading up to and during the Dust Bowl days?

But, hey! I still love the heat more than the lack thereof. Winters are intolerable. One thing’s for sure: Having Debbie home will make me forget all about the weather! 


On the Home Front

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

So what have I been doing while Debbie and Jennifer are island-hopping?  I’ve been getting worn out catching up on my “to do list”.  Let’s see… besides the routine mowing and picking veggies from the garden, I have spent hours watering the grass, plants, garden, St. Augustine plugs (every day!)  12 straight days of triple-digit heat. I washed the car, changed the oil on the truck, cut the vines out of the fence at the horse’s stalls, hauled off the old barn ‘fridge and pressure tank from the old well, bought and hung a new stall gate, changed the saddle valve on the water line for our ‘fridge, and engineered a new drain culvert for the driveway!  Not to mention nightly time with Holly, Sammie, and Flash.

Meanwhile, Deb and Jen have been having a blast in Hawaii, seeing the sights, visiting with ‘ohana, going snorkeling, of course – shopping! They went on the Mai Tai Catamaran, visited the Dole Plantation, attended a large Hawaiian luau, and even went to a Japanese Bon Dance with cousin Marilyn and her granddaughter Kaiya. This evening, they are taking an inter-island flight over to Hilo to visit with more family and see the sights on the Big Island.


Hawaiian Luau and Catamaran Sailing

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Yesterday, after a bit of a traffic delay, Deb and Jen arrived at the Paradise Cove Luau, and met up with Kaiya, Marilyn, Stanley, and Auntie Sue. I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear their stories.   Earlier in the day, Deb and Jen went on the Mai Tai Catamaran for a sail (true sail – no engine) around Diamondhead from Waikiki.  This was one of my all-time favorite excursions. But back ‘in the day’, they let us lay on the netting at the front of the catamaran. It would go completely under water once we had passed the protected waters of Waikiki.  They no longer let you lay on the netting, but still it is a wonderful time with beautiful scenery and the rush of water splashing up from the waves.


Meeting Family

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

For their first full day in paradise, Debbie and Jennifer met cousin Marilyn, Auntie Sue, and Marilyn’s granddaughter, Kaiya. They visited family grave sights, paying their respects, had lunch together, and then visited the Dole Plantation, enjoying a delicious and refreshing Dole Whip (like a pineapple smoothie!)

Today, they will be going on one of my all-time favorite excursions, the Mai Tai Catamaran that sails from Waikiki Beach around Diamondhead and back.  I know they’re having the time of their lives!


The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out…

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

If you could take that idea, multiply it by a factor of 10, imagine it in paradise, you’re getting close to The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out for Debbie and Jennifer.  They left this morning on an All-Expenses Paid (already) 10 days and nights in Hawaii. This well-deserved summer vacation didn’t come without a price, however. They had to get up around 4 am to make it to the airport in time for departure!  Add to that the self-imposed challenge of trying to go without a checked bag, and the preparations were a bit trying.  The last night before they left, when the bags were packed, and they realized just how hard it is not to pack a checked bag for a major trip, they agreed to take one (1) checked bag between them. That alleviated all the stress, and they were able to add those few things they were about to reluctantly leave behind.

So all is well, they made it to the airport, and reported in from L.A. as they took their seats on the 757 that is taking them to Hawaii. Aloha nui loa, Debbie and Jen! Have the time of your life!