The Hurrieder You Go

There is an old saying I heard years ago
That haste makes waste, as we go to and fro.
I’ve certainly found in my life this is true,
That the faster I try, the more I redo!
Nowhere is this more evident to me
than in going to town as I grab my car keys.
When I back out the car, and we head to the store,
I don’t remember closing the door.
I get turned around, and hurry on back
Just to resolve my panic attack.
With the garage door down, and the problem dismissed
On our way back to town, “Where’s the shopping list?”
“I thought you had it”, “No you said you did!”
I just about put the car in a skid.
To the house once more ‘cause we cannot recall
What we need at the store or the shopping mall.
I’ve now got the list, and the garage door’s down
And once more we’re headed back into town.
But something is nagging the back of my mind
that there’s one more thing that I left behind.
Memory is harder to come by for seniors,
I’m supposed to take some clothes to the cleaners.
It’s a principle of life, so don’t get upset:
The hurrieder you go, the behinder you get.