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The First Cause

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

There is a principle in logic that says everything must have a cause. When considering the origin of the universe, the first cause seems to be elusive to many. There are numerous variations of the big bang theory, but all of those are actually theories of distribution, not of a first cause. “Something” theoretically exploded into what we now know as our universe. But there is no theory that attempts to explain where that “something” came from.

When we consider a supernatural creation, the First Cause is clear: “In the beginning, God…”  God is the first cause for everything. We would do well to listen closely to what he tells us in His Word, the Bible.



Sick and Tired of Liberal Hypocrisy

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

I am so sick and tired of quietly sitting by listening to and reading all the vitriol coming out of the liberal left. Here is what upsets me so…

For eight years the left has refused to hold itself accountable. Having once declared their dissent patriotic, dissent for the last eight years has been called homophobic, bigoted, and racist. Conservatives and people of faith have been hounded from their jobs, silenced, and punished for refusing to go along with the left’s agenda. The left demanded cultural homogeneity and is outraged that Americans refuse to go along with their anti-Christian secular agenda.

On Tuesday, Americans had enough and decided to seek fundamental change.

Today, the left is protesting in the streets because of American democratic action. The left accuses Donald Trump of totalitarianism, but it is the left refusing to accept a democratic act. The left blasted Trump for suggesting the election was rigged. But they are okay with protesting a fair election and declaring it illegitimate because they hate the outcome.

Wednesday night, their chickens came home to roost. Professional leftwing activists who have no skill other than agitation have trained a large group of people to do nothing but protest. Instead of trying to unite the country, they have flown into hysterics and temper tantrums.

A week ago the Democratic Party insisted that everyone must accept the legitimacy of the election. What we are seeing today is that much of the left think that, like so many other things, it is a one way street. This is what happens when you presume the worst about your neighbor. The left may love humanity as a concept, but they are prone to think the absolute worst of their neighbors and that contempt for those who see things differently is on full display in the streets of America.

The two overriding emotions on display are anger (hate) and fear. Voting is not hate speech, it is democracy in action. It is obvious to any clear thinking person, that every accusation coming from the left is a reflection of their own attitudes and actions. It has been admitted that the so called “alt-right Trump supporters” were paid Democratic thugs, inserted to make Trump look bad. Yet the left continues to accuse conservatives of being racist. The opposite is true. It’s the left that spouts the racist language at every turn. They have lied for so long, that 1) they are incapable of telling the truth, and 2) they believe their own lies.  I am sick of it.

The Lord is in Control

Monday, November 7th, 2016

The upcoming election is no less than a battle for the U.S. Constitution and our nation as we know it. The separation of powers was established to prevent a small group of individuals from dictating laws, enforcing religious (or anti-religious) bias, and enacting policy without representation of the people, for the people, and by the people. Our SCOTUS has routinely usurped the power of both houses of congress by creating new laws not supported by the majority of Americans.

The next POTUS will nominate the next two Supreme Court Justices, which will sway the balance of power in the SCOTUS one way or the other. That balance will determine what kind of country we have for the next generation. Trump has vowed to nominate justices that will uphold the constitutional separation of powers. Clinton has vowed to destroy the separation of powers, clearing the way to render the legislative branch of government powerless. Add to that a POTUS that will use the presidential mandate to further her stated personal agenda for “a hemispheric zone of free trade and open borders” (read that as the elimination of national boundaries – both politically and economically) and the U.S. will cease to exist under it’s present constitution.

This election has turned into a war for our very existence as a nation.

Thank God that He is in control. No matter what we have to endure in this life, I long to be with Him in His Kingdom.