Write it Down!

One of our friends, Donna Grenier, used to tell me a joke each month when she came to our organization’s meetings. She would tell me the same joke every month, and never remember that she had already told it!  The irony was that the joke was about a couple who could not remember things!  I enjoyed it so much, I turned the joke into a poem, so here it is almost exactly as she told it, except in poem form.

A man and his wife watching TV one night
Got a hankering for something to eat.
They’re discussing it when she said with a grin
“I think I want something sweet!”

“I know!” said the man, “and I’ve got a plan –
I’ll fix us a bowl of ice cream!”
“That’ll be just fine, put chocolate syrup on mine,
and nuts!” she said with a gleam.

“Now go write it down!” she said as she frowned.
“You know how your memory is!”
“Oh, don’t worry dear, you have nothing to fear!
I’ll be right back in a whiz!”

So off goes the man, clanking dishes and pans.
He’s there in the kitchen awhile.
She’s anxiously awaitin’ the treat he’s creatin’
When he finally serves with a smile …

Eggs and bisquits and gravy! and she thinks he’s crazy.
“I TOLD you to go write it down!
But you said ‘No sweat’, still I knew you’d forget –
To fix us some TOAST, you clown!”

Frank Knight