Farewell to Max Holt

Upon the occasion of our Choir Director / Youth Director departing…

When you first came we weren’t too sure
the changes that you’d bring,
Or how you’d handle working with
A choir that couldn’t sing.
But as the weeks and months passed by
We grew to love you so,
As your dedicated love for God
Couldn’t help but show.
We watched in utter amazement
As your imagination soared.
You blew up churches and kissed a frog – 
All in the name of the Lord.
You transformed our torrid parking lot
Into a field of snow
And the Winter Olympics came to town!
Yes, Max, that was quite a show!
We all stayed “Home for Christmas” and you
“Bound us all together”,
And your “Lights, Camera, Action”
Proved you just kept getting better.
If it weren’t for you, then most of us
likely would never have sung
A solo or a duet 
up in front of everyone.
The time has come for you to leave – 
on to bigger and better things.
But as you do, we all believe
You’ll keep remembering….
Robertson Avenue Baptist Church
and the family and friends you’ve made.
So thank you, Max, and God bless you!
May these memories never fade!