Man and the Animals

Animals are wonderful creatures
Each uniquely designed for its kind
They are wonders of nature, with marvelous features
That boggle the mind of mankind.

The kingfisher makes nary a ripple
When it’s long beak parts water’s plane
We use its design out on track number nine
For Japan’s latest high speed train.

Shark skin has microscopic patterns
That help keep it algae free.
So we took that purpose, and applied it to surfaces
Which are vital to good hygiene.

Humpbacks have warty ridges
On the leading edge of their fins.
By applying those ridges on wind turbine edges,
We improved output twenty percent!

 And those burrs that cling to our pets
Have tiny hooks that grab and hold on.
With a loop and a hook, Velcro rewrote the book
On fasteners we depend upon.

 What sets apart man from the animals?
Some would say an opposable thumb.
Our mental acuity copies God’s ingenuity!
Man is the one who is dumb.