My Wife

God knew what he was doing
When He made Adam and Eve,
And instituted marriage
Before the first child was conceived.

‘Cause of all the worldly riches,
And the finer things of life,
There are none that can compare
To the blessing of my wife.

You’ve given me so much
To be thankful for each day.
Your soft and tender touch,
And the words of love you say.

You’re the twinkle of my eye,
And the bounce in every step.
You were the glory of my youth,
And each year gets better yet.

You’re my greatest inspiration,
And my favorite audience.
You can be my toughest critic,
You bring me back to common sense.

You cook and wash and launder,
Working hard to make things right.
Feed the pets, and tuck the kids in,
Then you keep me warm at night.

You’re the mother of my children,
The greatest blessing of my life.
An angel sent from heaven,
I thank God that you’re my wife.