We go through life not knowing what the next day or hour will bring.
We try to do things on our own, amidst stress and worrying.
From God’s perspective, things are fine according to His plan
His Providence shapes the outcomes of the choices made by man.

We know not why things happen – those things we can’t control.
And when we fret about it, there is turmoil in our soul.
God tells us not to worry – to cast all our cares on Him.
But it’s hard to find contentment, when everything seems grim.

We focus on our problems, then we try in our own strength
to work and sweat and labor, exhausting resources at great length.
Contentment is not found in our efforts, nor is peace.
We find them only when our self-sufficient labors cease.

Contentment seems elusive, a hidden pearl of great price.
Some think it unattainable until we come to paradise.
It’s hidden in plain sight, but we look in the wrong place.
Contentment will be found as we gaze into God’s face.

God never meant for us to go through life all on our own,
But rather to abide in Him, building on the Cornerstone.
What happens on the morrow, where the wind of time yet blows,
I do not know, but this I know – my God and Savior knows!