The Miracles of Jesus

I was listening to a sermon by Alistair Begg, of Truth For Life Ministries, in which he made the point that all of John’s gospel points to the deity of Jesus. Specifically, the miracles John chose to include in his gospel were chosen as evidence of Christ’s deity.  So I expanded that idea into this poem.

The Miracles of Jesus

John wrote his gospel so we all may believe
In the deity of Christ, and His blessings receive.
The miracles John shared are more than good stories
They are signs and evidence of Christ’s Godly Glory.

Jesus’ first miracle turned water into wine,
It gave us great evidence that Jesus is divine.
He is the source of Living Water, my friend
He who drinks of it will never thirst again.

And when Jesus called Lazarus up from the grave
It’s evidence of Jesus’ great power to save.
For He is the Resurrection and the Life.
Whoever believes in Him has Eternal Life.

Feeding five thousand with five loaves of bread
Points directly to what John’s gospel said.
Christ is the Bread of Life, and whoever eats
Will never go hungry; the gospel repeats.

Calming the wind and waves out on the sea-
Shows Jesus created all that we see.
All things are upheld by His mighty hand.
Thus nature obeys His every command.

Jesus healed the sick, the lame, deaf, and blind
There’s no better evidence you’ll ever find
Of the care and compassion of our Loving God.
In seeing these wonders, you have to be awed.

Each book of the Bible has its own theme,
Yet all point to Christ and how He redeems.
In reading John’s gospel, you can’t help but see
The nature of Christ and His deity.