To Love Like Him

My life was feeling hollow when I went to meet my Lord.
I was down and full of sorrow; days drug on, and I was bored.
I know a lack of praying had brought me to this place,
Yet the words that I was saying to Him made me feel disgraced.

I said the world around me was full of hate and discontent,
Anger and frustrations, And so on and on I went.
I begged the Lord to help me for I’d failed out on my own.
I wanted him to tell me how to love the folks I’ve known

The same way that He loves us. I just couldn’t understand
How anyone could see the good inside the heart of man.
He started with repentance, and helped me throw away my shame,
So that thoughts of its remembrance would not cause me to go lame.

Then, through study of the Scriptures, I began to see how He
has a different sort of picture when He looks at you and me.
Each one of us is special, In a unique sort of way;
For our God above has made us, each one different, yet the same.

And since we are His creatures, fashioned by His loving hands,
We each have special features to be used in His great plan.
And although we all are sinners doing things we shouldn’t do,
Through Him we can be winners when our final breath is through.

The Lord can tell the difference between the sinner and the sin,
And He loves His own creations even when they don’t love Him.
To learn to love like Jesus, we must see just as He sees,
and pray that we can help them, spending time upon our knees.

Now He’s given me some close friends that I might have never known,
To teach me how to love them just as He, Himself has shown.
These dear people have their problems, but He’s teaching me to see
Past their sin and faults, and love them, ’cause they’re special, just like me.

The emptiness inside me is now starting to be filled
With love for those around me, in accordance with His will.
As the body of believers keeps on growing in His grace,
The world will see the difference by the love on each one’s face.