God’s Gift to His Children

In the beginning, when God made the world,
He made plants and planets, a boy and a girl.
He watched them awhile, and had to concede
A trusty companion was something they’d need.

A horse would do well, but was too hard to train,
A cat would never stay by them in rain,
Birds were real pretty, but skittish and free,
And monkeys were always escaping in trees.

God said I need someone to sit and to stay,
And wait for their master day after day.
A friend to protect them without any fear,
With absolute love, to lick away tears.

I need someone strong enough to pull sleds
yet gentle enough to kiss small babies’ heads.
One who can find dangerous bombs or drugs,
and be able to capture desperate thugs.

Someone without any ego or pride.
and longing to jump in the car for a ride.
Someone so smart they can guide the blind,
teach love, trust, and faithfulness to all mankind.

I need one so faithful, loyal and true
There’s only one creature I know that will do.
To be with them in bed, or out for a jog,
God’s gift to his children: He gave us a dog.