I’m Glad That I’m Old

I’m thankful for growing up when I did
when we could play outside like a kid.
Our parents would tell us “Be home by dark”
Then let us play ball or run in the park.

Kids nowadays just don’t have a clue.
They are scared for their life of a virus or flu.
They’ve never tasted dirt or drank from a hose.
They won’t go outside without covering their nose.

Authority is something they’re taught to resist.
It’s okay to throw stones, and raise angry fists.
Responsibility is something they learn to abhor.
They’ll never work, but they always want more.

Childhood taught me to stand on my own
A good foundation for when I am grown.
Decisions had consequences, the choices are mine
and never were we kids allowed to whine.

To be a kid now in this generation
it’s scary to contemplate the death of our nation.
We’re falling apart, and if the truth be told.
I pray for our country, but I’m glad that I’m old.