I was reflecting on how often I get distracted lately, and composed this completely fictional poem. It is, however, representative of day to day situations and my forgetfulness. For everyone who has tried to clean house without accomplishing much…


While cleaning house the other day
I thought I’d empty trash,
But as I started on my way,   
I forgot it in a flash.  

I reached the kitchen standing there
At a loss of why I came – 
I looked around the room and stared
With no one else to blame.               

And then I saw a stack of mail
And started to go through it
But Johnny’s broken toy horse tail  
Was needing me to glue it.  

I went into another room 
To make this big repair   
T’was then when I began to fume 
The glue was not in there.  

So now the search for glue ensued
It’s nowhere to be found. 
And I’m the one who’s come unglued
My head began to pound. 

I found some shoes upon the floor 
Picked them up to put away. 
But when I reached the bedroom door
I once more went astray. 

The dog had made a royal mess 
Upon the bedroom rug
I had a fit, I must confess  
And chased that little pug. 

So here I was outside in back
The plants were needing water
I turned the hose on just a crack
“I have to pick up my daughter!”

I raced to school to pick her up
Arrived a little late.
Got home and couldn’t find the pup
Well, isn’t that just great!

As I searched around the place
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
My home was now a huge disgrace
To cross me’d be unwise.

The trash is overflowing, 
There’s shoes all o’er the floor
The backyard hose is running
And open is every drawer.

My dog is hiding somewhere
There’s broken toys still
The smell of dog-doo fills the air. 
Here’s four unopened bills.

Don’t ask me how my day went,
Or “How ya feelin’, dear?”
I worked all day, and now I’m spent
Let me sit and shed some tears.