The Horse’s Reputation

This is a poem about the impact of the horse on mankind, and how some folks don’t seem to understand that impact…

The Horse’s Reputation

Most folks that own a horse very seldom understand
the nature of their relationship with their equine friend.
We seem to think that we’re the ones in the limelight of the show
but let me tell you pardner, they’re the ones who’re all aglow.

Have you shopped for boots, or chaps or hats to make you look the part,
or squeezed into some skin-tight jeans you thought might look real smart?
Or what about the tack you chose, did you take the time to think
that the horse might be embarrassed when you dressed him up in pink?

The equine fashion industry exists to meet one need:
to pay homage to his majesty, the royal, noble steed.
Throughout all human history, the horse has saved the day
Helping men reach their dreams and goals, there weren’t no other way.

There’s Man’o’War and Easy Goer, Secretariat, Seattle Slew
and a thousand other racers – I’ve only named a few.
Roger Leo – Washington’s mount when he fought at Valley Forge,
and Blueskin was a trusted steed who also carried George.

Chief Sitting Bull rode “Blackie” on that fateful summer morn
while Comanche bore Gen’ral Custer to his death at Little Big Horn.
And who’d forget old Traveller, of General Robert E. Lee
Paul Revere was nothing without a horse called Brown Beauty.

Go back throughout all history, and this is what you’ll find
the Horse was indispensible to the greatest of mankind.
If you want to make an entrance to proclaim your mighty rule
You’d better have a horse – because to walk, you’d look a fool.

From the knights in shining armor to Alexander’s greatest day
the view of human history is from horseback all the way.
So the next time you’re out shoppin’ for ridin’ in a big occasion,
Ask yourself if what you bought honors the horse’s reputation!