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I can’t stand it any more.

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

I have always abhorred politics. That is precisely why I didn’t make it past Major in the Army. I did not play their political games. Never mind I was ahead of my peers by all accounts in terms of jobs performed. (Successful Company Commander when all my peers were being relieved of duties, Battalion Executive Officer of the Army’s largest battalion when I was still a Captain, Operations officer of the Corps Support Command as a Major). But it just takes one jerk who doesn’t like you to ruin your promotion potential.

Politics has ruined many a corporation, and now it is ruining this great land of ours. Mark my word, America will no longer be a democratic republic by the time my kids are my age. The Republicans in Congress are to blame. The progressives have their agenda, to turn America into a socialist state. Since the RINOs are going along with it, we have no hope. We fund Planned Parenthood (condoning the murder of millions of babies) but not the border wall (protecting our citizenry and livelihoods). We turn our blind eyes away from all the corruption rampant throughout our government.

We let the vocal minority liberal progressives silence the Christian influence in our education, our government, and our society. Without the voice of reason, “every man did what was right in his own eyes.” Yes, this county is doomed, and it won’t take a war or even an external threat. We will commit national suicide if we continue the direction we are going.

Our only hope is to turn this nation back towards the God of the Bible, and truly drain the swamp with our votes. I only pray we have time left to do that.

The Resurrection: The Turning Point in History.

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

We are now in Holy Week, remembering the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. That one event turned the entire world on its head. Everything changed after Christ rose from the dead.

Think about it. Without the Resurrection there would be no New Testament. There would be no church. There would be no Christians of any kind in the world. We Christians don’t believe the Resurrection happened because the New Testament says it happened. The New Testament was written because there was a real event – Jesus Christ rose from the dead, proving to an entire generation that He has power over death! The disciples would not have dared to come out of hiding had there been no Resurrection! They would not have written the New Testament had there been no Resurrection. Caesar would not have issued a proclamation for people to stop robbing Jewish tombs had there been no Resurrection. There would be no godly Gentiles throughout history, to include you and me. No Reformation. No force for true “good” in the world.

Subsequently, there would be no Church, no Christians, nor any of the many beneficent things we have from Christianity: hospitals, missions, a moral compass for society. Without the Resurrection, Jesus would have been forgotten in history. America would not have arisen as a world power based on our Christian morals.

Let that sink in. The Resurrection was THE turning point in history.

Hallelujah! Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!