Slaves to Righteousness

From Romans 6: 15-18


Throughout our days, we all are slaves,
Serving our master, who e’re he be.
When life is passed, and then you’re asked,
Who will your master be?

When born upon this Earth to live,
We’re slaves to sin and wickedness.
But the gift that Jesus came to give
Has made us slaves of righteousness.

Slaves just the same, our master’s name
Is now Christ Jesus, our Lord and King.
As slaves each day, we shall obey,
And honor to His name we bring.

Though now reborn, I’m still a slave,
   No longer to sin and wickedness,
But to Lord Jesus, whose life He gave
   To make us slaves of righteousness.

Throughout our days, we all are slaves.
   Which master are you serving now?
If you’re not sure, your heart’s not pure,
   Before Lord Jesus humbly bow.