Rule 1: Live Each Day With Courage


A cowboy’s life is rugged, it takes guts to make the grade
With lightning all around the herd, you’re watchin’ they don’t stray.
There’s snakes and bogs and stampedes that’ll purt near skin your hide.
This ain’t no time for cowards, cowboy, saddle up and ride!

And when you think you’re at your end, you might not make it home,
Is not the time for wanderin’ in your mind that wants to roam.
A person’s got a job to do, on you the boss depends
The stakes are ridin’ high so muster up some courage, friend.

The Cowboy’s Code is simple, but the first thing that you need
Is a belly full of courage, when your chasin’ that stampede.
You might be pushed beyond your skill, or what you lack for smarts,
But pardner, when the cows come home you’ve shown what’s in your heart.

So live each day with courage, that’ll help you see it through
As you wrestle with your struggles when you’ve got a job to do.
If it were easy, there’d be others try to claim the fame.
When your job is done with courage, they’ll be callin’ out your name!