Rule 3: Finish What You Start


Back in the days of the wild Old West,
Most every cowboy did his best.
At the end of a long, tough cattle drive,
Quitters were those who didn’t arrive.

The Code of the West was tried and true,
Each man knew they’re depending on you.
Quittin’s a stench in the cowboy’s snoot.
An’ quitters were quick to get the boot.

Whining, complaining are much the same deal
they smell of quittin’ – got the same feel.
When you sign on a job, how’ll you respond?
Finishing’s the proof your word is your bond.

Reputations are built on not what you say,
But that the job’s done at the end of the day.
Folks want to know what you say, you’ll do.
So make up your mind to see things through.

“Finish what you start” is the Cowboy Code
The job gets done when each carries his load.
When you get the job done, you’ll get your thanks
Your word is your bond – we’ll take that to the bank!