To Arms!

Ephesians 6: 10-18


To arms! To arms! I hear the battle call!
The Lord is calling us to arms, lest smitten, we should fall!
The hour is nearly on us; we must not be unaware
Of all the evil lurking ’round us, and the princes of the air.

The battlefield is ready, Satan’s hordes are all in place.
Put on the suit of armor provided for you by God’s grace:
Take the Helmet of Salvation made from Calvary’s rugged tree,
And the Breastplate of the Righteous fashioned by His love for thee.

On your feet put on the Gospel, it will guide your every step,
And with your Belt of Truth remember God’s victory promise will be kept!
Your Shield of Faith extinguishes all the arrows tipped with flame.
So you raise your voice in praises, calling out upon His name!

As you learn to use your armor to defend each vile attack,
Let your soul take up the Sword, now it’s time for striking back!
The Spirit’s Sword is sharper than any double-edged blade,
For the Word of God cuts deeper, and its power never fades!

It’s not a game we’re playing, this is deadly, and for keeps.
For when the battle’s over the Good Lord only keeps the sheep.
Being made a member of His flock through our Savior’s precious blood,
Those who put their trust in Jesus, in the Holy Lamb of God.