Rule 2: Take Pride in What You Do


When you’re working for an outfit on the range, a’mending fence,
Have some pride in what your doing, use your good ole’ common sense.
When it’s hot ‘n’ dry ‘n’ dusty, and the heat has took its toll
It’s best to keep your pride up as you’re diggin’ that post hole.

You may think your boss is on you, when he says to get ‘r done
This job is plain hard labor without one stinkin’ ounce of fun.
Try to see the bigger picture as your digging through baked ground
“This’ll be the best fence anyone has seen for miles around!”

So try not to get discouraged in the mundane things of life
When you focus on your struggles and you’re overcome by strife.
It will take a bigger person to look past all that and know
That there’s a grander purpose to puttin’ up with all our woes.

A cowboy’s life’s far richer than many folks will ever see
Ridin’ range and watchin’ sunsets with amazing scenery.
Some would say the Cowboy’s character is built by workin’ hard,
More like it’s been revealed when his hide is tanned and scarred.

In years to come, while riding out, they’ll see your fence and know
You took great pride in what you did – your character will show.
So even in the simple things, the trivial tasks and such
Your character shines through the years on everything you touch.