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Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

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Summertime = Grandma time!

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

School is out for the summer and Grandma and Grandpa time has begun. I’ve been looking forward to this time of the year, having the boys at the house, one at a time. Frank and I can give them our undivided attention and spoil them as much as we can!  This Fall, all the boys will be going to school and it will be hard to have them over to the house for any length of time.


We started the summer by going to “Inner Space Caverns” over in Georgetown, right next to I-35.  We had not been there in about 20 years. It’s still a neat cave. The boys LOVED it–a REAL cave!!! Every turn brought new things to see, made special by our expert guide who was great with the little ones. Afterwards, we went to the house and Dave cooked steaks, OH MY! So good! THANK YOU Dave & Jen!


The next really BIG event on the calendar is a weekend at GREAT WOLF LODGE in Grapevine, TX!  We’ll be honoring J and his 9th birthday. It will be a special time PLUS, Uncle Jer will be with us!


Frank’s broken leg/ankle is healing nicely and he’s getting strength back. Swelling during the evening hours is a problem but nothing elevation and an ice bag can’t take care of.  I still nag him about being careful because I’m terrified of him re-injuring his leg and setting him back more. I still do the mowing with the lawn mower and Frank takes care of the tractor mowing.


Since we got some rain in June, everything is still nice and green. I am way behind in planting flowers or plants because of Frank’s accident. I am happy to be able to keep the grass around the house mowed.


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