I just came across a poem I wrote back in 1990!

If I were to come back as an animal to be
   Anything I want, I’d live in a tree.
A’ way up high to keep an eye on the world,
   I’d be a cute and frisky ornery squirrel.

Them little critters, they’ve got it made,
   Living up there with plenty of shade.
They’ve got hands for grabbing and legs for running,
   Teeth for chewing, and plenty of cunning.

They can run a high wire and dance through the trees,
   And they’ve got smarts – life would be a breeze!
I’d tease all the dogs, and cuss all the cats,
   And they’d never figure out just where I was at.

Between God and people, I’d stay well fed,
   Eating nuts and bird seed, and old chunks of bread.
Eating tomatoes and apples, peaches and flowers,
   The list would be endless – I could go on for hours!

In front of human, I’d be cute as could be.
   It’s good for a handout and publicity.
I’d race down one tree and fly up another.
   “Oh, how cute!” (I was stealing nuts from by brother.)

In the whole animal world of ground, air, and water,
   The only one to come close might be the otter.
They’re playful and fun, and love just to tease,
   But being wet in the winter? I’d bet they freeze!

For me, I’m sure I’d much rather be
   A’ living up high in an old oak tree.
There’d be nothing more fun in all of the world,
   Than to be a cute and frisky, ornery squirrel!