The story of Loadin’ actually took place over several years, and involved Steve Olney’s horse, Diamond and her daughter, Cricket.  While in Texas, Diamond participated in several “Play Days”, often winning the “Barrels” event. The first time the Olneys left, Diamond went to Oklahoma to live on Steve’s parents’ cattle ranch. This is where the Morgan got to Diamond. Her filly, Cricket, then came back to Texas with Steve. When he left for a tour in Germany, we kept Cricket for them. The description of the loading process is as accurate as I could make it. That horse actually drug the trailer and pickup truck about a foot backwards on that gravel road.  Shane, their little boy, was the one to finally get the horse in the trailer.    Enjoy……   Loadin’:

We lived on some land down in Texas,
Had some friends with a Quarterhorse mare.
They moved in, settled right next t’us,
Had lots of good times we all shared.

The horse’s name was Diamond.
She’d run barrels in fifteen flat.
Take her ‘cross town to a ropin’,
She’d heel steers at the drop of a hat.

The day came she’s turned out to pasture
‘Cause our friends had to leave for awhile.
‘Cross the fence lived a big Morgan stallion.
That Quarterhorse mare made him smile.

Soon after, it was bound to happen:
He hopped the fence in one little jump.
The result was a beautiful filly,
With the Morgan neck, and a Quarterhorse rump!

That filly grew up right there on the place,
And never got trailered at all.
Tight places was somethin’ she hadn’t faced.
She’d never even been in a stall!

So you can imagine her first reaction
When introduced to a trailer for two.
She purt near put one guy in traction!
The next try she came plum unglued!

Just picture us: Three grown men and this mare,
Standin’ on an old gravel road.
We tried all the tricks, and was pullin’ our hair
Tryin’ to get this mongrel to load!

When up walks their boy – couldnt’na been more’n five –
Told his daddy HE’D make her load!
I’d never believed it, but sure’s I’m alive
He did it right there on that road!

We got her nose up to the trailer.
The boy says “Turn the horse loose!”
Told his daddy to pick up her tail –
Then threw gravel right up her caboose!

That mare didn’t wait for a second!
She jumped in the trailer so fast,
She hit the front wall! But I reckon,
I would too, with rocks up my — backside!

Frank Knight