There were no topics black and white,
Lines were blurred ‘tween wrong and right,
I lost my will to stand and fight,
And so I stood alone.

 There were those in whom I trust
Whose noble words were naught but dust
Their empty deeds have turned to rust.
They left me all alone.

 I once had felt the spirit’s fire
when I had been all inspired
then I was only feeling tired
as I stood all alone.

 I don’t know what the future holds
I only know I’m getting old
And time is short, but truth be told
I’m tired of being alone.

 But now I’ve found a friend who cares
Who’s helping me to clear the air
He lets me know that he is there
So I won’t be alone.

 And so we meet and talk things out
We’re working to relieve my doubts,
And I no longer sit and pout
Nor feel that I’m alone. 

With his support, I’m feeling strong
Face anything that comes along
And meet a challenge with a song
Now that I’m not alone. 

So thank you Lord, for helping me
Explaining things so I can see
That you are here, you set me free –
I’ll never be alone.