Rule 6: When You Make a Promise, Keep It


In the days of the cowboys, their word was their bond
To not keep your word, they would know they were conned.
A person is only as good as their word.
So don’t be the cowpoke whose meanings are blurred.

What good is a fella whose talk is cheap?
Who makes a promise he knows he won’t keep?
Would you trust a friend who’s been tried and true,
Or someone you know who will talk, but not DO?

In the Code of the West, the unpardonable sin
Was breakin’ a promise. That would do you in.
If a man can’t be trusted, he’s no good at all.
But when you kept your word, you always stood tall.

It takes many years for reputations renown,
One broken promise tears a reputation down.
A promise is a vow before God and men
A promise fulfilled is your gift to a friend.